Museum of Fine Arts Houston | Rothko Chapel


“Smita and I thank you and Pam for an exhilarating experience.  The Breath creation drew us out and then in … as we shared in the homage with all our senses.  Thank you for the film!  I got lost in the gentle, elegant movement, the subtle shifts in focus and light, and in the rhythmic breath.  The symbolism involved in all the elements captivated my conscience self.

The highlight of the evening for me was the guided meditation – which Smita and I are still talking about these days.  The language was spiritual and artful, the pace led to contemplative following, and we were left encouraged to enter internal spaces undistracted.  Peace…”

Jamie Johns

“Beautiful and very impressive…. No reason why more sequences can (not) become dance, because the breath becomes the background music.  (The experience) is different than the routine yoga asana.  People were very impressed.  I’m happy that it is an art expression.”
Srivatsa Ramaswami

The modern day authority on Vinyasa Krama

“I thought the whole event and especially the breath awareness felt very “personal”.  It felt astonishingly intimate, an inner experience of breath.”
Randall Morton

Past Executive Director of The Progressive Forum

“It was inspiring to me and I learned a lot.”
Ann Hyde

“To the uninitiated, attending “Breath: The Pulse of the Universe” could be a life-changing experience. To the rest of us, it bordered on nirvana. The combination of riveting video with hypnotic live action delivered a breath of fresh air to the standard yoga room meditation, opening our eyes, ears and soul to the universe and beyond.”

Lou Congelio

“I was there and loved it.”
Nan Hall Linke


“Breath, the Pulse of the Universe connects us to that essential rhythm–internal and external–that is fundamental to our existence.  It resonated even more fully inside the Rothko Chapel.”

Christopher Rothko
Chairman of the Board, Rothko Chapel

“Breath, Pulse of the Universe, at the Rothko Chapel was a revelation, a multi-sensory experience that practically defies language.  It invites the audience into rapt attention; we are changed in our very participation.”

Claudia Horowitz
Former Interim Executive Director, Rothko Chapel

“Such a wonderful performance Pam.  Awe inspiring!  You are an absolute inspiration to me! The whole team who worked on this did an incredible, spiritual journey.”

Stephanie Cole

“What a wonderful evening. It was so good to slow down with a beautiful presentation and film.”

Carrie Glassman Showemake


Austin Breath Troupe

“During the performance there was a moment when  I saw immense light radiating. Normally, performing can be a nerve-racking experience, but because this practice and performance is focusing on the breath which leads you back to the heart, the spiritual center, it was a calming and peaceful experience, an experience that was shared between performers and audience. Being part of the Troupe has deepened my own personal practice and has given me the opportunity to share my heart, my light, my soul with the world.”

Simone Olivier
Austin Troupe Member

“Simply exquisite. The energies of the evening stayed with me and were delightful and wise and peaceful companions throughout the night and the next day.  I would recreate that experience every day.”

Don Gordon

“Exquisite program and performance!”

Adrienne Johnson